I feel that photographs out of focus or vague convey more reality than clear focused ones.
It is not an attempt to photographically reproduce reality, but to convey a feeling as if to go back to a more neutral view of the world, freed from everyone’s biases or subjective views. I think a part of the world state which is essentially unstable like time or the focus of light is revealed in out of focus photographs making the world bigger, boundary-free.

Photograph is an image replaced through a camera with a precision we don’t have essentially. Photographs are not subjective so everything has the same value in this world (captured in this photograph). I keep this impression and draw an image with a cluster of dots.

My work technique is to render the photograph into a cluster of dots equal to each other. At first, this is done by hand on a cotton cloth. After that, the once fixed dots are smudged and start to mix with one another. In due course, the dots stop moving and leave traces and stains on the cotton cloth. As a result, these dots are fixed on the fabric as an artwork for a while.

I can say this work method is an action to make a photographical reality into a blur. However there is another reality, which appears thanks to this method.

Recently, I have been developing works seeking how two-dimensional images could exist in a space together with other works hanging on a wall. For instance, there are works that directly relate two-dimensional images to a three-dimensional space by embracing the environment’s influence on the work, like for example the available lighting. There are other works where I fill a dark space with artificial light from the artwork itself to allow a flickering effect caused by dark adaptation.
The purpose of these approaches is to feel the existence of the work in the space and to accept it as it is, instead of divorcing it from its environment. I keep the same approach when I exhibit my work on a wall in a white cubic space too.
Artwork has the power to connect with people and include them in a space if it creates a stronger connection between the work itself and space.

2012.11 Kakuya Fujinaga

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